Pulling together what you learned in the previous three webinars, in this session we’ll create a 90 day plan to kickstart your marketing.

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What you’ll Learn

  • Why 90 days is the best timeframe to work to
  • A simple yet effective way to schedule marketing
  • The importance of persistence and repetition in marketing

Other Workshops in this Stream

This workshop is part of the 90 Day Marketing Plan Stream. The other sessions are:

Free for all attendees

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Matt Wilkinson, Bizink

Matt Wilkinson

Date & Time

Tuesday 26th September, AEST: 9am | NZ: 12pm

Monday 25th September, PDT: 4pm | EDT: 7pm

Duration: 40 minutes plus Q&A

If you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send you the slides and recording.

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