We help bookkeepers and accountants revolutionise their businesses

The Revolutionary Firm’s goal is to equip bookkeepers with tools to build their firm and transform small businesses. The Revolutionary Firm help bookkeepers and accountants future-proof their businesses by delivering education, resources, mentoring, webinars, tailored industry content and more.

The Revolution is designed to connect 100,000 accounting and bookkeeping professionals in an online community by 2020. Join the free revolution community to network with others in the industry and gain useful tips to grow your firm.

Why we do it

Bookkeepers and accounting professionals are in a unique position to help business owners. No longer do they just have to provide the basic data collation and compliance services, they have the ability to transform and mentor small business owners.

There’s no need to be trapped in entering data, with current and future technology we can deliver services in ways that couldn’t be done before. So let’s break the keyboard and break away from the chains that traditional practice has bound us in.

We are no longer data enterers. We are data validators, interpreters and advisors!

Let’s Revolt!

Who we are

Steve Major and Mel Power are the founders of The Revolutionary Firm and have both been working closely with accountants and bookkeepers for the last 10 years. Steve is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Mel ran a successful bookkeeping firm, giving them a thorough understanding of the highs and lows of running a business in this industry. They joined forces in 2016 to help mentor bookkeepers and accountants and create a revolution!

How we help

The 12 month Revolutionary Firm program was designed for progressive bookkeepers and accountants who want to create a Revolutionary Firm. In this intensive program you’ll receive mentoring sessions on a range of topics to help grow your firm as well as useful tools and resources.

Learn More About The Revolutionary Firm

If you’d like to speak with us about how we can help you build your bookkeeping or accounting firm: