In this session we will talk with those who have demonstrated the power of narrowing their firm focus. Often time the concept of narrowing the focus of your firm is seen as a risky strategy. In this session we will talk with firm owners who are on the journey to narrowing the focus.

John Maklouf of Hoffam Accountants whose firm specialises in property developers will join us to talk about how he has removed over a third of previous clients and through a target event to property developers has massively grown his business.

This session is an interactive session where Steve & Matt will explore with the guests the power of narrowing the focus of the firm. We will cover their fears, their struggles and talk about their successes.

The evidence is clear that the generalist business model is not where the real profit lies. Together with these guests we will explore the real power of narrowing the focus.

By the way I will let you in on one key insight – the main benefit of focusing is not that you can achieve higher pricing, higher profitability & higher sales growth. The main benefit is enjoyment – they are creating firm that they love.


Steve Major, Pricing Power

Date & Time

Friday 3rd June, AEST: 08:00am | NZ: 10:00 am | UK & Ireland: 11:00pm

Thursday 2nd June, PDT: 03:00pm | EDT: 06:00pm

If you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send you the slides and recording.

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